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About Mélissa

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UQAM Media school graduate of 2007 (bachelor’s degree in Communications – cinema) and Diploma of Collegial Studies holder in the same area of study, I have learned, during my studies, to design images in different ways, through photography, film production, semeiology, direction of photography, etc.

After directing a few short films (fiction and documentary) presented in several festivals around the world, my passion for cinema images has made me specialize myself in photography. I have learned much about the work of a professional photographer while working in various media and event agencies and following a few specific photography classes. But I believe it is an art, not just a career. Here is what I retained.

An image, which is the vision of the photographer, is the passage from unreal to real. It is the physical result of an emotion, an idea, a captivating moment at a precise instant. And this moment is crucial in photography. It is the art of capturing exactly at the right time. A simple click creates what will remain in our memory and in our heart. As for the hockey player who skates towards the net, or the magician who performs an illusion, a fraction of a second can change everything. This is the art of observation and quickness. And these criteria are very important in event and factual photography.

But sometimes, one must take his time, analyze, and understand, to make a better description. In my opinion, in order to make a good portrait, one must establish a connection with his subject, understand who he is, what he likes, what he wants. This is also the art of listening and communicating. This is what separates one photographer from another. He must not only be good at the technical elements, but he must also like to communicate. When one likes what he sees in a picture, the results are more satisfying. The art of photography is also an art of passion and beauty. What I’m saying here wasn’t heard or read anywhere. They are simply my thoughts that reflect my actual understanding of the subject, at twenty-seven years old, from my studies and experiences.

Melissa Vincelli, Professional Photographer